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The Need

Learning & Development (L&D) and other training professionals are strategically important in today’s biopharma company. They must design, develop and implement learning solutions that drive behavior change, enabling employees to achieve business goals. Frequently constrained by time, effective training must be delivered with clear and measurable results.

With the ever-increasing pressure to “upskill,” it’s no surprise that L&D professionals sometimes find themselves with gaps in their ability to:

  • Think critically and creatively to innovate learning solutions
  • Apply adult learning principles and evidence-based cognitive science to learning design
  • Strategically collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders
  • Evaluate the impact of learning experiences on business results

Trainer Academy is a multi-session, fully virtual program that is designed to:

  • Help L&D professionals fill these gaps
  • Apply best practices to learning design and stakeholder engagement
  • Become better strategic partners to the broader organization

Intended Learner Audience(s)

L&D professionals, including instructional designers, trainers, leaders and others tasked with designing, developing and implementing learning solutions throughout the entire organization.


Trainer Academy provides a diverse range of interactive and engaging learning experiences. It includes self-directed learning, peer sharing, simulations, social learning and a capstone project requiring the design, development and implementation of a 30-minute learning session.

Learning Objectives:

  • Think critically and strategically to design and develop learning that drives engagement, retention and behavior change
  • Apply adult learning principles and evidence-based cognitive science to the design and development process
  • Strategically collaborate and communicate with stakeholders throughout the design process to become a valued partner across the organization
  • Expediently and accurately identify learners’ motivations, knowledge and skill gaps to build the foundation for effective learning design
  • Effectively engage learners when facilitating in in-person and virtual environments
  • Evaluate the impact of learning initiatives on business results

Learners who successfully complete the curriculum are eligible to receive the Trainer Academy digital badge to post on social media platforms to highlight and share their achievement.

Earning Criteria:

  • Complete a pre- and post-academy self-appraisal
  • Participate in productive hours of synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Individually develop and execute a customized Personal Learning Plan
  • In a small group, demonstrate learned skills by designing, developing and implementing a mini-learning session to fellow learners
  • Individually present a real-world example of applied Trainer Academy skills and knowledge to fellow learners


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