The Business
of Healthcare

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The Need

The US healthcare system is complex and ever-changing. It consists of thousands of entities, each with unique characteristics.

Understanding how the system is structured, managed, and financed is difficult. Navigating it as an Account Executive, District Business Manager, or Sales Representative is even harder.

Rather than emphasizing complexity (as do many other courses related to the US healthcare system), this course highlights central themes that learners can apply immediately to their own businesses.

The Business of Healthcare provides life science professionals with a flexible framework to think critically about the US healthcare system, its structure, and stakeholders to:

  • Assess an account’s current situation
  • Identify dynamics that will impact an account’s decision-making
  • Hypothesize how historical and current events may affect the account’s future state
  • Develop better account plans
  • Facilitate better interactions with complex Integrated Delivery Networks, Organized Customers, Payers, PBMs, and more

Intended Learner Audiences

This program helps customer-facing professionals be more confident, effective, and strategic:

  • Account Managers
  • Account Directors
  • Field Sales Representatives
  • Field Sales Managers
  • Other field-based team members who engage with complex customer groups


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