Real-World Evidence

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What’s Holding Your Teams Back?

Do your teams seek to become proficient in:

  • Explaining what Real-World Evidence (RWE) is and is not?
  • Recognizing how RWE fits within the health industry ecosystem?
  • Identifying who within the life sciences industry uses and engages with RWE?

Salience Learning offers a Digital Learning Series to solve for these gaps. Learners can access the series anytime, anywhere.

Why a Real-World Evidence Program?

Today’s healthcare stakeholders and biopharma organizations are increasingly requesting RWE. It has the potential to expand options and access for care, inform market access strategies, and influence innovations related to care and costs.

No matter the cross-functional role, the ability to artfully verbalize RWE is becoming increasingly important in conversations with healthcare stakeholders and teams within your organization.

With Salience Learning’s Digital Learning Series in RWE, your team members will:

  1. Articulate the fundamentals of RWE
  2. Communicate the value of RWE in external discussions and interactions
  3. Understand which capabilities enable RWE

What are the key trends in RWE?

The topic of RWE is surging as a key area of focus for Biopharma due to:
  • Emergence of new real-world data sources
  • Cutting-edge data management
  • Technological advances in RWE analysis and solutions
  • Growing stakeholder acceptance
  • Increase in collaboration among stakeholders

Function and Role Contexts

This program is for all roles in biopharma and is suitable for learners who are new to the industry or to RWE. Learning scenarios and experiences are delivered in real-world contexts, so life science professionals can see themselves reflected in what they learn.

By the Conclusion of the Series, Learners Will:

  • Identify key reasons driving RWE’s importance
  • Summarize who uses and who within biopharma engages with RWE
  • Recall common challenges to activating RWE and strategies available to overcome them
  • Recognize key external stakeholders associated with RWE and why RWE is of value to them
  • Explore a preliminary opportunity to incorporate and promote RWE within their personal work context
  • Begin to formulate a perspective on when to use RWE vs. RWI to address gaps

How It Works

One Year
Effort Time
Two 30-minute modules
Digital (asynchronous)


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