Workshop: How to build a thriving global L&D community (LTEN 48th Annual Meeting)

A range of factors require learning and development (L&D) teams to more effectively work across markets to achieve business objectives.  These factors include the increased scale of global pharmaceutical companies, the rise of super brands launching in multiple indications, and increased global connectivity. 

There are numerous benefits to working effectively on a global scale.  However, to build an effective global community, L&D teams must leverage some key best practices while avoiding or overcoming common challenges.

This workshop will combine insights from Bristol-Myers Squibb’s journey to becoming a global learning organization. It will include interactive “hands-on” vignettes to share challenges with driving true global L&D, best practices from highly effective global L&D teams, and practical tips for how to be more global, given participants’ individual situations.  

Workshop Presenter:

  • George Schmidt, General Manager, Salience Learning