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Salience Learning’s Generating Insights Academy Now Available for Market Access Roles

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New York, NY – October 11, 2022 – Salience Learning, a learning and development firm focused on the life science industry, has launched a new version of Generating Insights Academy, part of a series of academies that build essential capabilities for professionals in life science organizations. Initially, Generating Insights Academy was only available for medical affairs personnel within biopharmaceutical companies.  Now, its content is also customized to market access professional roles. 

Generating Insights Academy is part of a suite of role-tailored Capability Academies offered by Salience Learning, including:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking

Salience Learning started developing the academies when customers asked for training programs that went beyond finite skills and technical knowledge.  They wanted to develop broader capabilities to drive performance.

Krista Gerhard, a Partner at Salience Learning, said, “For many, generating Insights is key to being more strategic and effective.  Regardless of their roles, life science professionals face large volumes of information, making it harder to identify meaningful insights.  This academy demystifies the process, enabling learners to generate insights more effectively.  Expanding this academy for market access and field-based roles provides a capability differentiator and sets an organization up for continuous innovation.”

“Many people think insights have to develop organically, but that’s not true.  People can learn to generate insights purposefully, and this academy uses proven techniques to help them do that. We believe the ability to meaningfully generate insights is a competitive advantage, and we’re excited to offer this to customers,” shared Karen Foster, learning architect for the academy.

Tailored versions of all Capability Academies are available for home office and field-based roles across Medical, Commercial, and Market Access functions.  Like all academies in the suite, Generating Insights Academy can be delivered as a digital or blended learning experience and incorporates micro-, spaced, and social-learning design elements.

About Salience Learning

Salience Learning ( is a learning and development (L&D) firm that empowers change across the life science industry through learning. Its team of adult education experts and experienced biopharma professionals apply science-based educational approaches to help solve the industry’s most complex business challenges. The firm offers a series of role-specific academies that develop critical capabilities for industry professionals. It also develops custom learning solutions and provides strategic consulting services in L&D. Salience Learning serves clients globally.

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