In and Out
of the Matrix

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The Need

Biopharmaceutical companies engage with a range of sophisticated customer groups including integrated delivery networks (IDNs), public and private payers, employers, and others. Customers in these groups have complex needs.

Most companies field cross-functional (matrix) teams to support them. However, not all members of matrix teams exhibit the same skill levels when collaborating with their fellow team members and when delivering critical information to customers.

Account executives often lack confidence when evaluating clinical data and healthcare economic information (HCEI) and when delivering messages that incorporate such data. Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and/or medical affairs personnel sometimes fixate on data that are not as relevant to the customer’s—or company’s—business objectives. These gaps can hamper team effectiveness.

The program’s goals are to:

  • Strengthen participants’ skills in identifying, evaluating, and delivering foundational messages that leverage clinical data and HCEI.
  • Enable participants to leverage clinical data and HCEI to confidently respond to customer objections.
  • Improve collaboration between all members of a matrix team, improving performance during account planning and customer-facing interactions.

Intended Learner Audiences

This program is for professionals in customer-facing roles, especially those approved to deliver FDAMA 114-related information, including:

  • Account Managers
  • Account Directors
  • Medical Affairs Personnel
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) Professionals
  • Other roles as appropriate

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