White Paper • May 30, 2024

Best Practices in Executive Leadership Development

Executive leaders—and their companies—can benefit greatly from a strategic executive leadership development journey. Such a journey can unlock immediate value in leaders’ enhanced capabilities and go far deeper by impacting teams, functions, and the entire organizational culture. However, there are some special challenges when creating and implementing such programs.

This paper:

  1. Outlies why executive leadership development is important
  2. Identifies common development needs of executive leaders
  3. Identifies the unique challenges associated with executive leadership development
  4. Shares some best practices for overcoming challenges
  5. Reviews key requirements for the communications program that must support any executive leadership journey

White Paper • August 21, 2023

Case Study:  Salience Learning Capability Academies

Eurekos cover about Salience

In August of 2023, Salience Learning, along with partner, Eurekos, won a Brandon Hall Gold Award in Learning and Development for our Capability Academies.  These academies help develop must-have capabilities for professionals working in the life science industry.  They are available in role-specific versions and include:

The Capability Academies are blended learning programs that use the latest in learning science and incorporate e-learning, micro-learning, instructor-led components, practice plans, and social learning.  Underpinned by Eurekos’ LMS platform, they are part of biopharmaceutical companies’ Learning and Development offerings to help upskill and reskill their team members for success.

This downloadable case study was developed by Eurekos with input from the Salience Learning team.  It provides an inside look at the academies, their approach to delivering role-specific content for easy learner application, the innovative LMS system that underpins them, their impact on learners, and how results were measured.

This is the third time our Capability Academies have been associated with a prestigious award. Previous awards acknowledging Salience Learning’s work include a Brandon Hall Gold Award in 2022 for Technology Excellence (awarded to one of our partners, DominKnow) and being recognized as an LTEN Excellence Award Finalist in 2023 in the Industry Partnership category.

White Paper • July 22, 2019

How to Build a Thriving Global Learning & Development Community

By George Schmidt and Kerstin Hartig

Cover for the the .pdf

As the global economy evolves, pharmaceutical companies are becoming increasingly global in their mindsets and actions.  As a result, L&D teams must work more effectively across markets to achieve business objectives.

For L&D, “going global” can offer a range of benefits. However, there are challenges that L&D teams must address as they transition to a global footprint.

This paper collects input that was shared at a workshop on this topic at the LTEN Annual Meeting in Grapevine, TX on June 4, 2019. The workshop was led by George Schmidt of Salience Learning and Kerstin Hartig of Bristol-Myers Squibb. This paper outlines the following:

  1. Why Should L&D Work Globally?
  2. Benefits of a Global Footprint
  3. Key Challenges Associated with Going Global.
  4. Addressing the Challenges: Potential Solutions and Lessons Learned from BMS’ Transition to a Global L&D Organization