Insight • April 13, 2020

5 Ways to Maximize Results in a Virtual Classroom Environment

By Karen Foster, Iris Hill, Teresa Atkinson, Debbie Deale, and Marcy Lantzy

A woman biting her pencil in front of her computer.

As this article is being written, many people are adjusting to a newly imposed work-at-home lifestyle, courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has been very disruptive to people’s lives and livelihoods all around the world and those of us who work in learning and development (L&D) are no exception.

As an immediate response, L&D teams have been rapidly converting previously planned live instructor-led training (ILT) into remote learning, often in the form of virtual instructor-led training (vILT). They’ve also been looking down the road, trying to figure out what short- and long-term changes to their training plans might be required.

While live and vILT solutions each have their benefits and drawbacks, it’s clear that — for the time being anyway — vILT formats are going to rule the day. So, it pays to make sure those solutions deliver the best results possible.

To do that, we need to understand the limitations of virtual training and follow some best practices to maximize its benefits.

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