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What’s Holding Your Teams Back?

Do your teams struggle to:

  • Generate ideas to overcome business challenges?
  • Identify new approaches to adapt to change?
  • Uncover realizations that aren’t obvious and that drive innovation and success?

If so, your team is not alone. Generating insights is a critical capability in today’s biopharma industry. However, many teams have difficulty recognizing the capability’s value and fully developing it.

Why a Generating Insights Academy?

Insights are the engine of the life science industry. They are the catalyst for innovation, enabling new ways of thinking and changing viewpoints.

While insights are extremely important, they’re often elusive. Many think insights only arise spontaneously, when we least expect them. But that’s not true. People can learn how to generate insights purposefully by demonstrating key behaviors and applying time-tested techniques.

Salience Learning’s Generating Insights Academy is an innovative learning solution that:

  1. Helps learners immediately put insight generation behaviors into practice within their day-to-day activities
  2. Aligns to the context of learners’ roles and situations
  3. Is available anytime, anywhere

Why Capabilities Development?

Capabilities are surging as a key area of focus for professional development because they:
  • Why Capabilities Development?
  • Apply to a broad range of contexts and situations
  • Endure in volatile, uncertain, changing, ambiguous (VUCA) environments
  • Increase learner and organizational value
  • Empower learners to do now and in the future and help ensure continued success

Tailored to Specific Functions and Roles

Tailored versions of the Generating Insights Academy are available for the following industry roles:

  • Medical – Medical Leaders, MSLs
  • Commercial – Brand Leaders, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives
  • Market Access – Leaders, Individual Contributors
  • Learning & Development – Field Trainers, Home Office Leaders, Individual Contributors
  • Additional roles may be available upon request

By the Conclusion of the Academy, Learners Will:

  • Realize the value of insight generation
  • Distinguish insights from facts and being insightful from being observant
  • Recognize key moments in their roles when they should work to purposefully generate insights
  • Identify key behaviors and techniques that generate insights purposefully
  • Prioritize and communicate insights successfully
  • Establish conditions conducive to generating insights in themselves, their teams, and their organizations
  • Apply behaviors and techniques to generate insights to overcome business challenges, adapt to change, and drive innovation
  • Develop plans to expand the depth and breadth of insight generation aligned to their roles

How It Works

Effort Time
~6 hours
2.5 months
Cohort Size
15-250+ learners
Format / Model
Fully digital (asynchronous) or blended with instructor-led components


  • Dedicated Implementation Partner to help ensure success
  • Micro, experiential, active, and social learning design elements
  • Impact measurement before, during, and after
  • Built-in learning sustainment resources, job aids, journal, and discussion guide
  • Customizable platform to reflect your company’s logo and colors
  • Digital badges for each learner upon their completion of the academy curriculum

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