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Often, learning & development
spend is not maximized.

Unscientific training design

Lack of pull through

Misaligned training & business objectives

Match learning to
your complex
business challenges

Commercializing biopharmaceuticals has never been more complex. Companies must demonstrate the value of their therapies to an increasingly demanding and diverse set of customer stakeholders. That requires seamless cross-functional teams that can expertly use health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), real world evidence, and other complex tools. It can be overwhelming. We have yet to meet a company that is dealing with all of this effectively. So, we decided to do something about it.

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We are adult learning experts and industry veterans with a deep understanding of the unique challenges organizations face today as they bring new therapies and diagnostics to market. We take that industry expertise and apply adult learning principles, coupled with insights from cognitive science research, to create indelible experiences that inspire meaningful change and knowledge sharing to maximize productivity.

Drive results today...
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We'll help you develop transformative learning experiences that are more memorable, effective, and applicable to the real world, and that continue well after the initial learning event is over.

  • Deliver impactful, engaging programs your stakeholders will rave about
  • Empower dramatic behavior changes in the field
  • Achieve targeted business objectives

We make the
complex simple

Capability Academies

Role-specific academies to develop must-have capabilities for life science professionals

Critical Thinking Academy

Greatly enhances learners’ critical thinking capabilities, helping them more effectively navigate complex environments, analyze and solve problems, and achieve business objectives.  Learn more

Generating Insights Academy

Boosts learners' abilities to analyze relevant information and derive actionable insights to help develop more effective strategies and action plans. Learn more

Strategic Thinking Academy

Helps learners transition from being reactive to proactive:  empowers them to define a desired outcome, identify and evaluate the options for achieving it, and develop strategies for pursuing the best option. Learn more


Custom and off-the-shelf solutions to enable team success

Trainer Academy

Enable learning & development professionals to become better strategic partners to the business by employing a consistent design process grounded in adult learning principles and active learning techniques. Learn More

Medical Trainer Academy

Enable medical learning & development professionals to become better strategic partners to the business by employing a consistent design process grounded in adult learning principles and active learning techniques. Learn More

Business of Healthcare

Increase learners' knowledge of the business of healthcare and help them become more effective in planning for—and engaging with—complex Integrated Delivery Networks, payers, and other organized customers.   Learn more

Engaging the Customer through Real-World Evidence

Elevate account executives’ knowledge of common real-world evidence (RWE) concepts and how best to leverage this data in customer interactions.

Messaging In and Out of the Matrix

Elevate the performance of matrixed teams (medical affairs personnel, account managers, health economics and outcomes research professionals, etc.) through cross-functional team building and skills development.   Learn more

Evidence Empowerment

A building block for Engaging the Customer through RWE; equip account managers with the fundamentals of HEOR by providing baseline knowledge of key terms, concepts and frameworks commonly used in RWE marketing pieces. Encourage different conversations to uncover insights and gain confidence to engage the customer.

Communicating with Impact

Transform team members into superb communicators who effectively engage with internal and external stakeholders, create positive “communication climates,” deliver information with optimum impact, and more effectively facilitate sessions and workshops. Learn more


Focused support to design and conduct great events and programs

Custom Workshops

Design, develop, and facilitate workshops to address your individual business needs. Includes live or virtual instructor-led learning experiences for national sales meetings and POAs, market access POAs, brand-specific clinical and economic workshops, and more.

Curriculum Design (Market Access, Field Mgr, Account Mgr)

Analyze and improve curriculum design for new hires and others in key commercially-oriented field roles (field reps and managers, account managers, and others).

HCP Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Develop Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to be facilitators of learning, not just subject matter experts. Create peer-to-peer experiences that foster engagement with community healthcare providers.


Bespoke consulting to elevate the learning of an entire organization

Learning Diagnostic

Deliver situation analyses to identify needs, gaps, and opportunities in learning & development.

Learning Strategy (Global, Business Unit)

Build strategic plans to ensure that the learning & development organization is properly focused and equipped to deliver optimum value.

Learning Transformation (Operational vs. Educational Challenges)

Facilitate major organizational improvements in learning & development, incorporating organizational design and change management methodologies.

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