Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network Annual Meeting

Salience Learning will be attending and exhibiting at the 2023 annual meeting of the Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN). Please visit our exhibit at booth #607.

In addition, we will:

  • Lead a live workshop, Five Tips to Prepare Account Management Teams for 2023 Policy Changes, on Tuesday June 13 from 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm.
  • Present a poster on our Critical Thinking Academy, which is a finalist for an LTEN Excellence Award in the Industry Partner awards category.


Medical Affairs Professionals Society (MAPS) 2022 Annual Meeting

MAPS22 logo

Salience Learning will be attending the MAPS annual meeting in New Orleans, March 20-23. Please visit us in booth #40. We’ll be sharing the latest on our learning programs for medical affairs professionals.


LTEN Annual Meeting Virtual Workshop: How to Use Capability Models to Optimize Development, Progression, & Organizational Performance

Leaders: Krista Gerhard (Partner, Salience Learning) and Kim Portland (Vice President, Salience Learning)

Format: 60-minute Virtual Workshop

Track: Management & Leadership Development

Workshop Number: 603

Date / Time: Wednesday, November 10, 2:30 pm MT

Learning and Development (L&D) organizations work hard to ensure that learners are as effective as possible in their roles.  Part of that effort should include developing a strong understanding of the capabilities required to perform in any given role, and then designing and implementing a development strategy around those capabilities.  This goes well beyond identifying key job requirements or competencies.  Instead, it involves developing capability models that truly set up a team, function, or organization for success.  Unfortunately, capability models can be difficult to design and use. 

Participants in this interactive session will learn why capability models are so important to organizational performance.  They will also gain important insights that will help them develop and implement capability models in their own organizations.

The session will include a series of components that build upon one another.  It will begin with a “mini-teach” on the differences between competencies and capabilities and why it’s important to distinguish between the two.  It will then transition to an interactive, facilitated discussion on the different models and approaches used by the participants in the session, as well as the benefits and challenges they experience.

The discussion will also reinforce:

  • Why capabilities models are important to a team’s, function’s, or organization’s success
  • How capabilities models help L&D leadership plan for future professional development
  • What makes a capability model a useful tool for planning, development, and career progression, rather than a “dust collector”
  • The costs of not having effective capabilities models

A second mini-teach will introduce several key best practices that organizations have used when building or implementing a capability model.  This portion of the workshop will provide a look into three different case studies from completed projects, along with one key challenge and/or best practice from each that was used to identify, design, or implement the model. There will be a facilitated discussion in which learners will be able to explore the “why” behind the challenges / best practices and leverage the knowledge in the room to identify additional learnings for themselves and their organizations.


Virtual Session on Key Cognitive Processes & Their Impact on Decision-Making: TGaS Client Summit

Krista Gerhard and Karen Foster will lead a virtual session at the upcoming TGaS Client Summit. They’ll discuss the key cognitive processes associated with learning, including attention, perception, and memory. They’ll use case-based scenarios to show how those processes can impact L&D leaders and how they make decisions in their roles.



HBA Virtual Workshop: Using critical thinking to improve strategies and drive performance

Krista Gerhard and Karen Foster from Salience Learning will be conducting a live virtual workshop on critical thinking with the Philadelphia chapter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA).


Workshop: Using critical thinking to improve sales strategies and drive performance (LTEN 48th Annual Meeting)

For centuries, philosophers and scientists have warned against biases and other pitfalls related to our thinking processes when assessing information and making decisions. In today’s biopharmaceutical market environment, these pitfalls and biases can dramatically hamper individual and team performance.  

Thanks to the “information explosion” via the Internet, the ever-changing healthcare marketplace and pharmaceutical companies’ constant state of launch, it’s more important than ever that professionals and teams employ strong critical thinking skills. 

In this workshop, via experiential exercises, participants will discover and explore their own tendencies for jumping to conclusions based in internal biases. They’ll also explore pitfalls such as inattentional blindness, overestimation of confidence, the curse of knowledge, the power of prior knowledge, and other inherent cognitive biases, fallacies, and heuristics. Throughout the session, participants will brainstorm techniques and behaviors to overcome these pitfalls in their day-to-day individual and matrix team responsibilities.

Workshop Presenters: 

  • David Fortanbary, Head of North America Commercial Training, UCB
  • Karen Foster, Head of Learning Strategy and Solutions, Salience Learning


Workshop: How to build a thriving global L&D community (LTEN 48th Annual Meeting)

A range of factors require learning and development (L&D) teams to more effectively work across markets to achieve business objectives.  These factors include the increased scale of global pharmaceutical companies, the rise of super brands launching in multiple indications, and increased global connectivity. 

There are numerous benefits to working effectively on a global scale.  However, to build an effective global community, L&D teams must leverage some key best practices while avoiding or overcoming common challenges.

This workshop will combine insights from Bristol-Myers Squibb’s journey to becoming a global learning organization. It will include interactive “hands-on” vignettes to share challenges with driving true global L&D, best practices from highly effective global L&D teams, and practical tips for how to be more global, given participants’ individual situations.  

Workshop Presenter:

  • George Schmidt, General Manager, Salience Learning


Life sciences trainers & educators network (LTEN) 48th Annual Meeting

Salience Learning will be exhibiting at the LTEN 48th Annual Meeting.  Be sure to visit us at booth #600.  We’ll also be leading two workshops at this event:

  1. Using Critical Thinking to Improve Sales Strategies and Drive Performance
  2. How to Build a Thriving Global L&D Community

We look forward to seeing you there!

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